The Restored Orchard

Why “The Restored Orchard”?

How I was called to challenge others to bear good fruit….

As a child, I recall writing and doodling in journals, but somewhere along the way, life happened. My love of journaling remained, but as something that filled my personal time. In 2019, I reached a spiritual breaking point. I had to let go of doing things my way, submitting to the flesh, and following the ways of the world. In that season, God uncovered how much I needed Him in my everyday life.

As the pandemic arrived in 2020, I had to lean into my faith in God as I stepped away from a toxic work environment with no financial safety net. I had to believe His words, “You’ve tried the world’s way, now follow me.”

I turned away from the world’s definition of success and set off down the path of following Jesus. There were so many dark moments, shedding the words of the world that had seeped deep into my soul and silenced my spirit. The process of uncovering and shedding those “weeds” is STILL happening and will continue until I am called home one day.

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In 2020, God opened my eyes to the beauty of community. I had been isolated for so long throughout the pandemic, that I forgot the power of connection. The Restored Orchard is a community that challenges and supports one another as we strive to weed out the ways of the world and bear fruit of the Spirit. As we renew our relationship with God, we will have deep roots that weather the storms of life. Each believer stands tall, like a tree, bearing fruit, no matter what is taking place around us.

I pray that each devotional, declaration, and prayer that is read will challenge you to get even more intimate with God and unseat the ways of the world in your heart.

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