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Deeper Roots – Isaiah 43:16-21

A humbled and open heart is fertile soil for God’s seeds of wisdom. Establishing deeper roots requires analyzing God’s word to discover truths, values, and lessons for application to our lives. Periodically, a scripture or passage calls for further exploration, like Isaiah 43:16-21.

This is what the Lord says, He who makes a way through the sea And a path through the mighty waters, He who brings out the chariot and the horse, The army and the mighty warrior, (They will lie down together, they will not rise again; They have been extinguished, they have been put out like a lamp’s wick): “Do not remember the former things, Or ponder the things of the past. Listen carefully, I am about to do a new thing, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even put a road in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert. The beasts of the field will honor Me, Jackals and ostriches, Because I have given waters in the wilderness And rivers in the desert, To give drink to My people, My chosen. The people whom I formed for Myself Will make known My praise.

Isaiah 43:16-21 AMP

The book of Isaiah was written by the prophet Isaiah during the time of several rulers of Judah (Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah). Isaiah can be broken down into segments on 1. Judah breaking the Mosaic Covenant, 2. God’s judgment on Judah, 3. God’s restoration of His people. The 43rd chapter centers on the reassurance of God’s saving power. Verses 16-21 reveal insights into the character of the Lord, especially in seasons of transition.

Isaiah reminds us about the exodus from Egypt, a series of events that showed God’s power, wrath, and mercy. However, he warns that it is in the past. God instructs not to dwell on the past. The focus should be on God and the new ways that He is moving. God promises to make a way in the wilderness. Not only a path but provision. God provides the water that is necessary even in dry places like the desert. Even the animals recognize the provision of God in places of lack. One thing is certain, God gives exactly what His chosen people need in seasons of transition.

We are in the final days of the year and the air is full of transition. Isaiah reminds us that God is our provider, even in seasons of change. Let’s remember the ways that God has brought us through difficult situations. We know that He is good and holy. God will continue to care for us, His chosen people. Our job is to remain faithful to His instruction and not dwell in the past. God may be using new means to accomplish His will. If we get stuck in how He moved in the past, we may miss the new blessings right in front of us. Don’t miss your 2022 blessings by dwelling on 2021 happenings!

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