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Are we too important for God?

I really love when God gives confirmation of words I have written in my post or even just words that I have received sitting under teaching. Last week I wrote about idols, and I finished up by saying that we should be giving God our time, talents, and treasure. Last time we talked about time and this week we will discuss our talents. I published that on Friday morning and on Saturday morning I had a meeting at the church and that exact phase came up as we were being taught. This is a common statement when it pertains to tithing but I wasn’t talking about the tithe I was somewhere completely different, and I wondered how God was going to tie this back in, but within my weekly studies he led me back to the story of David and Goliath. As I say most weeks, this is a very well-known story of how someone who seemingly was outmatched came in and through the power of God, got the victory in a miraculous way. That’s not where we are going to go with it though, we are going to look at how David even ended up there in the first place.

In 1 Samuel chapter 17 David’s father Jesse calls him and instructs him to deliver some roasted grains and loaves of bread to his brothers and some cheese to their (the brother’s) captain. By this point in the story Goliath has already been a major thorn for the Israelite army. Jesse wanted to send supplies, but he also wanted to get a report of how his three oldest boys were doing. The important thing to note is that in chapter 16, David had already been anointed to be the next king of Israel. How easy would it have been for David to tell his father that he was on his way to the top, or that he was getting ready to have status so he couldn’t be seen doing such meager tasks. Not only was he obedient to his father which God will bless but by being obedient to his father, he was placed in position to get the victory for God and his people.

How often do we think our talents exclude us from some of the less glamourous tasks that are required in God’s house? Because you are a great soloist doesn’t mean that you’re above operating a vacuum, and because you are on a certain board or committee, that doesn’t make you unapproachable. We have to keep God at the forefront and understand that every talent and ability that we have, it was given by Him, and we should be honored to give back to him in any way that we can. When David was preparing to fight Goliath, Saul gave David his personal armor to try to prepare him for battle. David, in turn, refuses and because that armor wasn’t made for him and what would naturally be thought of as protection, would have been a hinderance for David. The gift or talent that God gives you is designed for you. David went into the battle seemingly unprepared but he was operating in the gift that God had given him.

Lastly remember that we often use the saying “body of Christ” in a sense of we are all a family but if we look at it a little more literally, we have to remember that no part of the body is more important than the others. Every member has a talent and an ability and just because someone doesn’t do the same thing that you do, doesn’t make you better or less in God’s eyes. Never get too high to serve.

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