The Restored Orchard

Encouragement for Today

Though the Lord gave you adversity for food and suffering for drink, he will still be with you to teach you. You will see your teacher with your own eyes. Your own ears will hear him. Right behind you a voice will say, “This is the way you should go,” whether to the right or to the left.

Isaiah 30:20‭-‬21 NLT

God guides us through our toughest battles.

No matter how old we get there is always someone we turn to for advice or guidance when times get hard. Someone who has mastered something we struggle with. Someone who is seemingly further along or wiser than we are in that moment. Those words of wisdom often become the springboard to our plan of action… not God’s word.

Today, I want to encourage you to listen to God’s voice first. Get into His presence and open your heart to Him. The Bible says, “Before daybreak the next morning, Jesus got up and went out to an isolated place to pray (Mark 1:35 NLT). ” Jesus demonstrates that the Lord’s guidance is only a prayer away. Seek Him first and listen as the Lord guides in wisdom and in truth.

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