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Weekly Declaration

As believers, we are God’s children. A child of God will reflect His character. Each week, we focus on one scripture while highlighting a declaration (Who God is) and affirmation (Who we are as believers).

This week’s scripture is:

26 The man bowed low and worshiped the Lord. 27 “Praise the Lord, the God of my master, Abraham,” he said. “The Lord has shown unfailing love and faithfulness to my master, for he has led me straight to my master’s relatives.”

Genesis 24:26-27 NLT


God is full of merciful providence.


I am cared for by God.

Abraham’s oldest servant took an oath to find Isaac a wife in Abraham’s homeland. Along the way, he prayed to God for guidance and the Lord led him to Isaac’s future wife at the well. Rebekah was kind and hospitable to a stranger and displayed many characteristics befitting of a wife. In this entire chapter of Genesis, God was behind the scenes aligning people and provision. God cared for all of His children and ensured that Isaac had exactly what he needed in a spouse. It’s a reminder that God is always behind the scenes moving things into position to fulfill His purpose.

A Prayer Starter…

Heavenly Father, You are caring and faithful towards your children. Thank You for continuously moving and shifting things to accomplish Your purpose. Lord, I praise You for all you have done and will do in the seasons to come… In Jesus’ name. Amen.

S. Enoch

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