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Weekly Declaration

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As believers, we are God’s children. A child of God will reflect His character. Each week, we focus on one scripture while highlighting a declaration (Who God is) and affirmation (Who we are as believers).

This week’s scripture is:

Then Jacob prayed, “O God of my grandfather Abraham, and God of my father, Isaac—O Lord, you told me, ‘Return to your own land and to your relatives.’ And you promised me, ‘I will treat you kindly.’ 10 I am not worthy of all the unfailing love and faithfulness you have shown to me, your servant. When I left home and crossed the Jordan River, I owned nothing except a walking stick. Now my household fills two large camps! 11 O Lord, please rescue me from the hand of my brother, Esau. I am afraid that he is coming to attack me, along with my wives and children. 12 But you promised me, ‘I will surely treat you kindly, and I will multiply your descendants until they become as numerous as the sands along the seashore—too many to count.’”

Genesis 32:9 – 12 NLT


God is kind.


I will remember God’s kindness toward me.

The beauty of grace is that we don’t get what we deserve. We’ve sinned and done things we’re not proud of, yet God continues to love us. And not only love us, but God also blesses us. Here we see God’s kindness and faithfulness toward Jacob. He had lied to his father, Isaac, betrayed his brother, Esau, and been mistreated by others. He knew he was unworthy, but God blesses him and protects him. God shows the same to us. We should never forget the undeserved kindness God has shown to us in previous seasons.

A Prayer Starter…
Heavenly Father, You are kind, compassionate, and generous. You cover each and every one of Your children with undeserved grace. Lord, continue to look upon me with kindness. I will continue to share that same kindness with others. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

S. Enoch

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