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On a Personal Note – Withered

For our ancestors were unfaithful and did what is evil in the sight of the Lord our God. They abandoned him, turned their faces away from the Lord’s dwelling place, and turned their backs on him.

2 Chronicles 29:6

A while ago, I decided to re-pot a few of my plants. They had outgrown their current environment and needed larger space. I prepared my supplies; a gorgeous new planter, extra soil, and fertilizer and got to work replanting. I felt accomplished and certain that they’d take root and continue to flourish.

Last month, I realized that I had neglected my usual watering routine. As I hurriedly got my plants watered. I noticed the vine I re-potted had withered. Although it received the same treatment as all the other plants. It was not thriving. I tried so many remedies to help it, but it was beyond repair.

Much like plants, when we neglect our relationship with God, there are consequences. It brings to mind the people of Israel after the death of Joshua. God had allowed them to enter a new land. Instead of following the Lord’s instructions and nurturing their relationship with Him, their tribes merged with the Canaanites and they began to worship other gods. The Israelites abandoned the ways of their faithful ancestors and fell into the paganist rituals of their neighbors. The amazing part is that God does not abandon or neglect His people. The Lord sent leaders (judges) that were filled with faith and wisdom to show the Israelites their evil ways.

We have a choice to nurture or neglect our relationship with God. If we allow distance to grow between us, then some areas of life will flourish and others will wither. Unlike my unfortunate plant, we have the ability to repair our situation. We can decide right now to begin to create a regular routine of spiritual discipline. We can decide to no longer live withered lives.

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