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On a Personal Note – Praying in Expectation

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For God alone, O my soul, wait in silence,
    for my hope is from him.

Psalm 62:5 ESV

Prayer is how we communicate with God. It is our opportunity to share everything that is on our hearts and minds with Him. Prayer builds our relationship with God especially when we’re being transparent and honest. It’s in our personal prayer time that intimacy happens and our relationship is deepened.

The truth is God wants to hear about our needs. Even in the Lord’s prayer, we see that after we voice our admiration “Our Father… hallowed be thy name…”, we can share our needs; “Give us today our daily bread”.

Yet, we forget that God gives what we need, not our personal wish lists.

We all pray in expectation. However, I’ve realized that the what of our expectations vary. Some believers are praying in expectation for God to do exactly what they asked for; while others are praying simply for God to respond.

King David gives us some insight into prayer in expectation. He waits in silence. He understands the principle of what he is waiting in expectation for; simply said, a response from God. It is his trust and submission to God that allows him to wait, looking to God as His salvation. David’s confidence in God’s response will not allow him to be shaken or fearful. David isn’t telling God how he should solve his need; he is trusting that whatever God does is best.

When you pray, what is your expectation?

Sometimes when you think God isn’t answering your prayers it is because you’ve asked for a wish list and not His will to be done. You’re looking for your wants to come into fruition when God has already supplied all of your needs.

Can I challenge you to pray in expectation of God’s response?

God still speaks. The question is are you looking for His response or your wishes?

Sabrian Enoch
S. Enoch

2 thoughts on “On a Personal Note – Praying in Expectation

  1. Amen. Thank you Father God that we can come boldly to the throne and make our petitions known and wait patiently on You to respond with what is best for us!

  2. Great word. I had to learn to wait for God’ response even when I put my wishes before Him. But even more, I had to learn to accept His answer.

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