The Restored Orchard

On a Personal Note – Who’s Battle Is It Anyway?

Sometimes God instructs us to stand still. I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to just do nothing. But what I’ve learned is that it’s not “doing nothing,” it’s trusting God with the outcome.

Deeper Roots – Genesis 39:1-10

God placed Joseph in an environment to help refine his character. It’s easy to lose your morals and change your character when you climb the ladder of success. Yet Joseph remained steadfast in doing what he knew was right. Joseph recognized…

Weekly Meditation – Genesis 39:1-4

God’s word provides clear instruction to His children. As we meditate on His Word, we find exactly what we need to continue our journey through this life. This week, our passage for meditation is Genesis 39:1-4. When Joseph was taken to Egypt by the Ishmaelite traders, he was purchased by Potiphar, an Egyptian officer. PotipharContinue reading “Weekly Meditation – Genesis 39:1-4”

On a Personal Note – Quickest Route to Discontentment

; the quickest way to discontent is to hold on to an answer that God never guaranteed or promised. But even in the middle of a mismatched answer, we can hold on to the fact that God is faithful…