The Restored Orchard

On a personal note – Creating Comfort in Chaos

Sometimes temporary pleasures can quickly usher us into chaotic situations and environments that we have no desire to stay in. Yet we linger, out of habit, comfort, and complacency. There’s this story people tell about a

Deeper Roots – Genesis 33:12-20

That’s the challenge for us today; to look at the situations that we encounter as an opportunity for God to mature us and to reconcile whenever we have the opportunity.

On a personal note – Compassion not Comparison.

We can’t plant pride in ourselves and expect to harvest blessings. Knowing how God has moved in our lives gives us even more sympathy for the burdens of others.

Deeper Roots – Genesis 32:22-31

When God leads us into seasons of testing, it feels rough and unkind, yet God is using those situations to refine us. As we wrestle with God…

Deeper Roots – Genesis 31:36-42

Enduring someone’s manipulation, lies, and schemes can make you question why you’re having to endure or wonder why God hasn’t scooped in to save you yet. The key is…