The Restored Orchard

Weekly Pruning – Front and Center

Who is front and center in your life?

Weekly Pruning – Pausing in Gratitude

Self care Saturday – Pausing in Gratitude – It is God that allows us to live, move, and exist. How often do you stop in your day and notice it? How often do you pause in gratitude for life?

Weekly Pruning – God’s Limitless Nature

Self care Saturday – God’s Limitless Nature – God is limitless, yet our minds naturally attempt to limit who He is. In what ways have you been limiting God?

Weekly Pruning – Heart Check

Self care Saturday – Heart Check – It’s easy to become hardened and skeptical in the world today. However Jesus teaches that our hearts should be soft and available to God. Heart check. Is yours?

Weekly Pruning – Move or Stand Still

Self care Saturday – Move or Stand Still- Sometimes God is clearly giving us instructions to move or stand still. yet we don’t follow them. Today, we’re exploring why.