The Restored Orchard

Encouragement for Today

God rewards confidence in Him.

Upholding Your Standards

How often are we willing to lower our standards whether it be because of the norms happening around us or for comfort and not to seem out of place? Maybe there is a need that you have and the only way you can see to obtain it or fulfill it is something that challenges your morals. Are your standards such that you are willing to go without? The food that the King was trying to give Daniel was necessary for his physical survival but it would have compromised his spiritual connection.

On a Personal Note – Wallowing in Self-Pity

Have you ever met a person with a “poor pitiful me” attitude? They fail to embrace the promises of God, and so there is always something to complain about or some misfortune that they’re dealing with. Oftentimes, their perspective is limited and self-centered. Self-pity is a vicious little thing. Once you begin to focus on your own troubles, it sends you headed down a black hole of unnecessary suffering. Jeremiah teaches us that if you wallow in self-pity too long, it causes you to question the goodness of God.

Total Trust

how are your spiritual roots doing? We all look good on the outside and we have smiles and seem happy but we all have challenges that aren’t always visible but can weigh very heavy on us. Being rooted in God’s word helps us to navigate through what is weighing us down spiritually. 

On a Personal Note – Adjusting Your Vision

The Bible is about God, not us, but it is for us. It’s a tool that teaches us more about God and the way He cares for his children. It gives us the perfect lens to look at the world in a way that demonstrates the holiness of God…