The Restored Orchard

Deeper Roots – Genesis 43:1-15

There are seasons when we’re uncomfortable. All we can see are the ways that a situation can go wrong. We hesitate to move because at first glance neither situation looks like a sure thing. We’re torn by feelings of doubt and our faith feels shaky. We know that God is powerful, yet our minds can’t comprehend how the situation will come out for the good. Those are the exact moments to surrender. We have to yield to God’s will. We need to acknowledge that our soul is wavering, but our divided belief does not stop God from being who He is.

Deeper Roots – Genesis 42:23-38

It’s only when we sit in the tension of difficult places that we find ourselves desperate for God’s intervention. Instead of rushing to get out, sit with it and ask God to give you context. Ask Him to help you see all the ways you can grow spiritually out of the situation. Don’t despise the tension, it’s providing the right pressure to be made perfect in God’s sight.

Deeper Roots – Genesis 42:1-22

The unfair accusations and imprisonment felt all too familiar for the brothers. As they faced punitive measures at the hand of their brother, they couldn’t help but reflect on their own guilt from years before. God used the imprisonment and accusations to evoke feelings of fear and guilt to push the brothers towards repentance.

Weekly Meditation – Genesis 42:6-12

God’s word provides clear instruction to His children. As we meditate on His Word, we find exactly what we need to continue our journey through this life. This week, our passage for meditation is Genesis 42:6-12. Since Joseph was governor of all Egypt and in charge of selling grain to all the people, it wasContinue reading “Weekly Meditation – Genesis 42:6-12”

Weekly Pruning – Pausing in Gratitude

Self care Saturday – Pausing in Gratitude – It is God that allows us to live, move, and exist. How often do you stop in your day and notice it? How often do you pause in gratitude for life?

On a Personal Note – Wallowing in Self-Pity

Have you ever met a person with a “poor pitiful me” attitude? They fail to embrace the promises of God, and so there is always something to complain about or some misfortune that they’re dealing with. Oftentimes, their perspective is limited and self-centered. Self-pity is a vicious little thing. Once you begin to focus on your own troubles, it sends you headed down a black hole of unnecessary suffering. Jeremiah teaches us that if you wallow in self-pity too long, it causes you to question the goodness of God.

Deeper Roots – Genesis 41:41-57

Joseph recognizes that some of his hardest experiences have all been for a divine purpose. God uses trials and tribulations to mature us in order to bear fruit. As we walk through life, we know that hard times will come. The true test is what we do in the middle of the struggle. If we lean into God and remain open to what He is trying to do inside of us and through us, we will find ourselves making our way into seasons of abundant harvest…