The Restored Orchard

Magnifying God’s Voice

Eli just happened to be sandwiched between these two realities. This week I urge you to look at the connections in your life, do they magnify or minimize the voice of God in your life?

Worthy of Forgiveness

We are all worthy of forgiveness and we, as the body of Christ, are tasked with leading the lost to the one who can forgive even their worst transgressions

The Power in Building Community

When you think of the word community what comes to mind? Most people would say that it is the area that you live in which, of course, is a correct answer. This word came to mind as I was preparing to make remarks at my god-daughter’s dedication this past weekend.  As I was looking through definitions IContinue reading “The Power in Building Community”

Are we too important for God?

I really love when God gives confirmation of words I have written in my post or even just words that I have received sitting under teaching. Last week I wrote about idols, and I finished up by saying that we should be giving God our time, talents, and treasure. Last time we talked about timeContinue reading “Are we too important for God?”

Are we too busy for God?

One thing that I have learned in life throughout my education, work, and literally just everyday situations, is to pay close attention to things that are reiterated multiple times. Likewise, in the Bible, God says things that are very important more than once to make sure that his people take heed. One of these thingsContinue reading “Are we too busy for God?”