The Restored Orchard

Weekly Pruning – Open Hands for Community

Communities are about giving too. Do you freely use your gifts with your community? Why or Why not? What are your barriers to using God-given gifts to benefit the body of Christ?

On a Personal Note – Spare Tires and God’s Provision…

When you feel deflated walking through tough seasons of life, where do you turn? Do you seek God first or settle for a cheap substitute? I chose what I thought was the cheap and easy route. All the while knowing that my father had resources to help me. IF I had reached out to him first, I probably could have avoided the time spent going slower and shorter distances.

On a Personal Note – Deceived, but Redeemed

God redeems decisions made from a place of deception. Yes, Eve gets punished, because God is just. However, the sins are atoned for through her seed, Jesus Christ, and just beyond the verses that describe the discipline, “the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them” (v31). God provided for them. There are decisions that we’ve made out of the devil’s deception. Yes, there are consequences that we must live with as a result, but that does not stop God’s redemption, provision, and will for our lives.

On a Personal Note – Praying in Expectation

We all pray in expectation. However, I’ve realized that the what of our expectations vary. Some believers are praying in expectation for God to do exactly what they asked for; while others are praying simply for God to respond.