So often we are spiritually burned out. We don’t bring things to God because we don’t feel like we are good enough Christians or we feel that the issue is too minor to worry our big God with. Because of this, we end up spiritually tired.

Remembering Rest

There’s an old saying, “Find time to rest or your body will make you.” Over and over again, I’ve found this to be true. The world never sleeps and most nights, neither did I. I vividly recall seasons of overwhelm, anxiety, and exhaustion. Pushing myself to the edge of collapse chasing after worldly goals ofContinue reading “Remembering Rest”

Finding Rest

Have you ever had a morning where you’re already exhausted? You look at the clock and the day is nowhere near over. Rest seems like a distant dream. Thoughts of ‘How am I going to keep going?’ pass through your head. It’s easy to allow those circumstances to keep you from striving to do whatContinue reading “Finding Rest”