Deeper Roots – Genesis 25:21-26

God’s hand weaves this story together with such unpredictable grace. His ways are not our ways.

Deeper Roots – Genesis 22:9-18

Abraham ascended the mountain willing to release an answered prayer back to God. He teaches us that a true follower of God is obedient to God’s commands believing that God will provide.

On a Personal Note – Finding Purpose in Pain

When we refuse to engage in situations because they are uncomfortable, we may forfeit walking in the fullness of God’s will. This means there are certain painful and uncomfortable situations that God is ultimately using for good things.

Deeper Roots – Genesis 21:14-21

When we want to control the outcome, we’re saying that we don’t trust God’s judgment nor His timing. Many of us are dealing with the downstream effects of decisions made with fleshly motivations.  YET, with God’s grace and mercy; the undeserved favor of God, situations can be transformed

Deeper Roots – Genesis 20:9-17

Despite our mistakes, God’s purpose prevails. This is a word for those who may feel like the promise that the Lord gave you is no longer relevant because of your lack of obedience

On a Personal Note – Vulnerability in Suffering

If we’re honest, complete reliance on God does not come naturally. But there are seasons where God allows suffering to make us remember where our help truly comes from.