The Restored Orchard

Deeper Roots – Genesis 33:12-20

That’s the challenge for us today; to look at the situations that we encounter as an opportunity for God to mature us and to reconcile whenever we have the opportunity.

Deeper Roots – Genesis 32:22-31

When God leads us into seasons of testing, it feels rough and unkind, yet God is using those situations to refine us. As we wrestle with God…

Deeper Roots – Genesis 31:36-42

Enduring someone’s manipulation, lies, and schemes can make you question why you’re having to endure or wonder why God hasn’t scooped in to save you yet. The key is…

Deeper Roots – Genesis 29:14-27

God can use experiences to make you wiser, mature you spiritually, and come out for the good. The key is

Deeper Roots – Genesis 28:16-22

Jacob was running. His father’s blessing. His brother’s death threats. His mother’s escape plan. So many things could have been on Jacob’s mind as he drifted off to sleep….

On a personal note – Deciding to Break Free

When someone does you wrong, it can seem easier to hold on to resentment than to forgive. Forgiveness is hard. It takes…

Deeper Roots – Genesis 27:41-46

Despite the underhandedness of each of these actions, God’s plan was still at work. Yet, their actions are not without punishment. This passage shows that the wisdom of the Lord’s mercy and judgment.

Weekly Declaration

God’s plan triumphs over everything.

On a personal note – Overcoming Jealousy

Jealousy, though often seen in a negative light, is eye opening in the spiritual maturation process. This is because emotions are a great indicator of the position of your heart.