Cultivating Fruit of the Spirit

We exist to see people Restored & Fruitful.

When we encounter God, it transforms our lives.


Within its pages, the Lord shares beautiful truth about who He is and how we should live in light of that truth. Every time we read the Bible, we have an opportunity to encounter God for ourselves. But far too often, we depend on others for truth that is easily accessible with the right tools. 

The Restored Orchard equips believers with encouragement and resources to navigate the Bible while gaining a deeper understanding of its teachings and timeless truths.


The Cultivating Fruit of the Spirit Podcast is an amazing resource that you definitely don’t want to miss out on.

Hosted by our founder, this podcast offers an in-depth exploration of the fruit of the Spirit, providing insights and practical wisdom on how to cultivate and nurture these qualities in your daily life. Each episode is filled with engaging and thought-provoking discussions, drawing from a range of perspectives, experiences, and biblical truths.

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Our Resources section is packed with carefully selected and curated tools and materials that are sure to enrich your understanding and broaden your horizons. 

We’ve got a little something for everyone, no matter what your level of experience is. We’ve even included some of our personal favorites, along with free study guides and reading plans to help you along the way. By checking out our Resources area, you’ll be taking a big step towards expanding your knowledge and developing a deeper understanding of the bible. 

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