Before I share some of the many resources available to study the Bible, I am reminded of Acts 17 when Paul and Silas were in Berea. The Bereans were eager to examine the word to see if indeed Paul was teaching the truth! Whenever we encounter teachers of God’s word, we should study the Bible for ourselves to make sure that it is in alignment with what God said.



  • YouVersion Bible App
    • I love this app because I have access to multiple Bible versions in one place. I can compare verses and there are tons of devotionals and reading plans to choose from. They also have a Kids version.
  • Dwell
    • Great app for listening to the Bible on the go! I enjoy listening while I work and do dishes each day. There are great listening plans and customizable music sounds.

Verse Mapping

  • Simple Verse Map
    • I love this verse map because it’s simple and streamlined. I use it during seasons where life gets hectic, but I still crave time in the Word of God.

This list is not exhaustive! There are thousands of other amazing written and online resources available.

Have one you’d like to share?