The Restored Orchard

On a Personal Note – Deceived, but Redeemed

God redeems decisions made from a place of deception. Yes, Eve gets punished, because God is just. However, the sins are atoned for through her seed, Jesus Christ, and just beyond the verses that describe the discipline, “the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them” (v31). God provided for them. There are decisions that we’ve made out of the devil’s deception. Yes, there are consequences that we must live with as a result, but that does not stop God’s redemption, provision, and will for our lives.

On a Personal Note – Praying in Expectation

We all pray in expectation. However, I’ve realized that the what of our expectations vary. Some believers are praying in expectation for God to do exactly what they asked for; while others are praying simply for God to respond.

Weekly Pruning – Pausing in Gratitude

Self care Saturday – Pausing in Gratitude – It is God that allows us to live, move, and exist. How often do you stop in your day and notice it? How often do you pause in gratitude for life?

On a Personal Note – Wallowing in Self-Pity

Have you ever met a person with a “poor pitiful me” attitude? They fail to embrace the promises of God, and so there is always something to complain about or some misfortune that they’re dealing with. Oftentimes, their perspective is limited and self-centered. Self-pity is a vicious little thing. Once you begin to focus on your own troubles, it sends you headed down a black hole of unnecessary suffering. Jeremiah teaches us that if you wallow in self-pity too long, it causes you to question the goodness of God.

Weekly Pruning – God’s Limitless Nature

Self care Saturday – God’s Limitless Nature – God is limitless, yet our minds naturally attempt to limit who He is. In what ways have you been limiting God?

On a Personal Note – Adjusting Your Vision

The Bible is about God, not us, but it is for us. It’s a tool that teaches us more about God and the way He cares for his children. It gives us the perfect lens to look at the world in a way that demonstrates the holiness of God…

Weekly Pruning – Heart Check

Self care Saturday – Heart Check – It’s easy to become hardened and skeptical in the world today. However Jesus teaches that our hearts should be soft and available to God. Heart check. Is yours?