The Restored Orchard

Weekly Pruning – Defining Moments

pruning shears and a flower wreath

It’s Saturday and the perfect opportunity to reflect and put the week (or maybe even life) in perspective. Each day, we take care of our minds, our bodies, our souls. How many times can we honestly say we take time to prune negative mindsets or beliefs hindering our walk with God?

How often do you care for your Spirit?

Each week, I’ll share one or two questions that we all can reflect on. My hope is that we’ll uncover something to lay at the father’s feet; something to uproot and replace with God’s truth.

If you had to describe one defining moment in your life, what would it be? How do you see the hand of God in that moment?

After reflecting, is there something that you’ve discovered that needs to be released to the Lord?

Take a moment to pray and surrender it at Jesus’ feet. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to truth in the Lord’s word. Embrace God’s divine wisdom and thank Him for being present in every situation, past and future.

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