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Weekly Declaration

As believers, we are God’s children. A child of God will reflect His character. Each week, we focus on one scripture while highlighting a declaration (Who God is) and affirmation (Who we are as believers).

This week’s scripture is:

17 So Abraham bought the plot of land belonging to Ephron at Machpelah, near Mamre. This included the field itself, the cave that was in it, and all the surrounding trees. 18 It was transferred to Abraham as his permanent possession in the presence of the Hittite elders at the city gate. 19 Then Abraham buried his wife, Sarah, there in Canaan, in the cave of Machpelah, near Mamre (also called Hebron). 20 So the field and the cave were transferred from the Hittites to Abraham for use as a permanent burial place.

Genesis 23:17‭-‬20 NLT


God’s promises are everlasting.


I can rest assured in the promises of God.

Abraham was once again marking a memorable moment near Mamre. He received the promise of God making his descendants into a great nation and built an altar there. He met three angels who told him that in one year’s time he and Sarah would have a son. And now, burying his wife, Sarah. Yet woven through each of these moments is the promise of God. One day, we will pass away, yet the promise of God is everlasting. What happened back on the cross is still relevant today. Rest assured in the promises of God through Jesus Christ.

A Prayer Starter…

Heavenly Father, You are the everlasting God. Your word is clear on the promises You’ve made to Your children. Lord, in times of transition, infuse my heart with a sense of peace that only you can give. Help me to remain secure in what You have spoken over me… In Jesus’ name. Amen.

S. Enoch

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