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My family is very supportive of me. So much, in fact, that we picked up our whole household and moved to a completely different city for me to complete a Master’s program. The issue with moving is that you start over; you have to find new restaurants for your favorite foods, new stores to shop at, there is a new elementary school, a new, considerably more expensive, daycare, and new roads to travel to reach all of those destinations. Fortunately for us, it is the year 2022 and I am an “apple-stolic” Christian so my iPhone can tell me how to get to any of those things. With a simple search, all the information I need is at my fingertips. Life is also full of constantly changing destinations and filled with choices that weigh heavier than “where are the best buffalo wings.” Tom Cochrane proclaimed in his 1991 hit song that “Life is a highway”  and while he may have wanted to ride it all night long, I don’t want to waste time not walking in what God has for me because I took unnecessary detours. Everyday,  decisions arise that determine the trajectory of our future but God has given us our own GPS in the form of the Holy Spirit.

It is crazy to think that the concept of being Spirit led is foreign to so many in the body of Christ. Without the guidance of the Holy Spirit we are dependent on ourselves to make important decisions. You see, we could have moved up here and just wandered around street by street until we found the things that we needed and we would have, in time, found everything but the same way our gps saved us time, being in tune with the Holy Spirit saves you from unnecessary detours spiritually. I specifically use the word detour because what is ordained for you, is yours, but the path you take to get there can vary. One example that I heard used by Pastor Tony Evans is that the Holy Spirit is like a dimmer switch on your lights, you may be able to see with the lights low, but inevitably, there will be times that you need more light and need to turn it up. The more time  you spend in prayer and in Scripture, the better you can hear the Holy Spirit speaking to you and the brighter your path is for you to see.

Over the next few weeks we are going to discuss the ways that the Holy Spirit speaks to us and how to recognize his voice. I urge you to start by spending intentional time with God. Maybe turn on some worship music and carve out a little extra time for prayer and let the Holy Spirit fill the space that you are in. 

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